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Jun 2016
Would you consider a pebble
To have a soul?
A mineral formation to remember?
Your hot palms against its sunlit structure...

Her blazing summertime pearls
Smiling, caressed by the wind,
Desigual dress fluttering ...
As a rose bush of papillons playing
With her slender, wanton figure,
Cocoa, brown and beautiful.

Pressed by your torso,
Exposed, tan oiled, burning with
Desire in salted air ~ black long linen pants,
Flickering around your ankles.

Driven by the wind, excited
Your mind
Your body
To body
Manly, potent and bold. Leaning over,
Scenting femininity ...
Body to body
Two tongues
Dancing ~ Waving
Mutual  as the warm sea waves were  curling
Around the shore rocks, flushing over the tiniest cracks;
Fulfilling, refreshing hidden sea creatures.
***** running for a shelter, silvery fish
Pulsating as one organism;
Making clusters, departing,
Reuniting, re-parting

Swimming, swimming

Breathing, breathing in,
Impatient sandals bumping. . .
Written by
DivineDao  F/🏝️ 👸💕🤴 🎊
(F/🏝️ 👸💕🤴 🎊)   
       ---, Polar, The Ten Word Wonder, ---, --- and 19 others
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