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Jun 2016
Hey, you
Yeah, you
the one way over there
ensconced in tall grasses
where do you
think you are
you extend a hand
and loving heart
to so many
and so few
see your brokenness
your pieces of shattered
glass from
all four of those
chambers in your chest
              all over the floor
And Hey
I see you
I see you deep
Your molecules rising
Up unto
that soul's
brightness and
so beautiful
wisdom gained
from time
mixed with pain
             and rhyme
Let me
wrap my tendrils
of healing all and up
around you
right through you
No need to talk
         Just let me
press my
blood-pumping heart
right into
Feel it
Let my light
infuse you
Let me touch you
deep into
under skin
just like
Lora Lee
Written by
Lora Lee
         Shiv Pratap Pal, Elioinai, janry, TD, Pax and 94 others
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