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Jun 2016
Anger and bitterness poison your soul
And prevent you from coming forth
I know there is a scared little boy
That doesn't know his worth
A "real man" delusion is what you live by
Yet pain is what you inflict
Never thinking of another's heart
Just ready and willing to convict
You do not have the capacity for love
If anger lives in your heart
Darkness and hatred grow nothing but weeds
That choke the life out of who you are
I've tried to reach the child inside
To let him know he's loved
But fault you find in all I do
And you push away my love
I know what I should do for me
I should run and never look back
For trying to heal a heart so cold
Requires more power that I lack
You have no desire to change who you are
And have a right to live as you choose
But I have a right to live in peace
And be loved the way I deserve

June 2, 2016
Pamela Penta
Written by
Pamela Penta  59/F/Santa Fe, New Mexico
(59/F/Santa Fe, New Mexico)   
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