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Jun 2016
I've never really known what it is that you do to me.
You just make me really happy, in a way that only seems to make sense in my head.
I saw you yesterday for the first time in 2 months.
My entire body reacted. It was like tasting wine after a lifetime of only knowing water, everything inside me exploded.
I was euphoric, ready to jump into your arms and spend as much time with you as you could fit in.
I maybe spent 5 minutes with you alone, sitting in my kitchen while eating a bowl of popcorn, talking about what the future held for you.
Then I was whisked away by my friends, only to spend time watching them kiss and laugh. Thankfully neither of those included me, however, it hurt.
Spending time with you makes me the happiest and they knew that, and decided anyway that it was only right I saw to my plans with them.
But two months I had gone without seeing you, and only two hours I wished to be without them.
The two of them spent the night cuddled in each others arms while I stood to the side and held my tongue, not wanting to disturb the bubble they created.
I let that time with you slip right between my fingers and crumble onto the floor.
2 whole months, and I only got two minutes.
Written by
Anonymous  Florida
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