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May 2016
Evil Levi - The main character in the story.
Evil Levi was born into a cult named Sinister.  His parents gave him to the cult so he could be the vessel for a spirit named Evil.

Sinister - The name of the cult that Evil Levi was born into.  The goal of Sinister is to prepare a vessel for the spirit Evil so that it can create a living hell on the planet.

Spectrum - The name of the planet where the story takes place.

Harriet - The mother of Evil Levi.

Liberty - The name of the city where the story takes place.

Iniquity - The name of the compound where the members of Sinister live.

Priest - The father of Evil Levi.  Priest is the
high priest of the cult Sinister.

The Book of Evil - The holy book for the cult Sinister.

Evil - The spirit that the cult Sinister worships.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Keith Edward Baucum
Written by
Keith Edward Baucum
     Ramin Ara, Ja, LJW, --- and Keith Edward Baucum
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