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May 2016
Lambent lassie, how I needeth thee today,
I wilt be thy loving man, doing all that I canst;
To make ourn contour's swirl in a dance-
As we pass betwixt the seraphic
Trace. Chaperoned my darling,
Head resting upon head, inner-
Being in rapt, none feeling
Of dread. Mine pinkie do
I giveth thee, lock onto it-
And hold, rest thy fret inside mine chest,
Taketh a breath, inside this soul.
Kindred spirits way back from old, living young,
Homeward bound; igniparous by ourn kindling sound's.
O' fortitude wilt I hath when the time is not yet for meet,
Yet verily mine lass, tis one stroke of an hour we wilt greet.
If I hath to crawl the pit's of the abyss, slithering through the deep, if I hath to waken to a strange cosmic minute, or dieth a death of sleep. If I must endure the second's away from thee, only but for a lifetime, I'll patently awaiteth mine Jane, an eternity with thee by mine side. To glance in thy eye's and to hold thy hourglass waist, to kiss thine honey like a bee to a bloom, to maketh ourn bed upon white roses wherein spirituality is in tune. A bride and groom of times afore, we entered in by the portal of Yahweh's door, never to turn back; ahead we look on. Planting ourn pip's to what lieth ahead, happiness up upon the hill of ourn homestead. None alas expressions, for this place we art meant, together to be, mine baby, mine treat; of the patience we built up, ourn amour shant be in rent, as with the finest of spices I shalt lather thy feet.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane Nagley ( àgapi mou) dedication
Lambent,-of light or fire) glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance.
Lassie - just came as lass - means lady.
Thee+ you.
Wilt- will.
Canst- can.
Ourn - our.
Contours- shapes, figures, shadows silhouettes. Either one yet mean shapes...
Betwixt - between.
Rapt- having been carried away ****** or transported to heaven.
igniparous- bringing forth fire, ( very old word archaic)
fortitude- courage in pain or adversity.
Hath- have. Just as hast archaic second person singular present of have.
Verily, means truly or certainly or surely.
Thine- your.
Wherein- in which.
Afore - before.
Yahweh-Hebrew name for God just like Jehovah and elohim.
Pips- or pip, means seed.
Lieth- lies .
Alas- an expression of grief, pity, or concern.
Art- are.
Amour+ love.
Shant- shall not.
To be in rent last line. Rent means to be ripped as fabric. Not to be torn in half in other words. Rent is a rip in fabric.
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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