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May 2016
You're still in here, inside these walls
through open doors and vacant halls
I hear you gently clear your throat
and rustle with your overcoat

I hear you say in deep distress
I have some things I must confess
I Loved You Then I love you still
I love you now, I always will

You have my heart, my heart that's true
a love I thought I really knew...
But love is just not quite that clear
It's juxtaposed with you my dear

I'd rather stay but I must go
for reasons that I do not know
I hope your heart can find a place
to close your eyes and see my face

Remember what it meant to me,
I hope my love can set you free
for I am your eternity,
and with you I will always be
and I will never really say
Goodbye my sweet

So we must both lie down to rest,
No need for you to get undressed
So cover up and go to sleep,
& dry those eyes from tears you weep

Where I am going
I must go alone,
this is your place
this is your home,
you must stay.

One day I know we'll meet again,
In time I know your heart will mend
Through Heavens gate I'll wait for thee
With open arms on bended knee
Where Spirits run
In fields of wheat
To find their souls last one retreat

So I'll instead just say farewell,  
& hope in this you will not dwell
You know that I just cannot stay,
the sun will shine again today,

So smile at the sky above  
& know that you are truly loved,

We are timeless

So you will know,
you will never
be alone.

All Rights Reserved © 2016 - May 29
Cherie Nolan
Thinking of you today Dad. ❤ A bit overwhelmed- by the feelings this poem about so I'm dedicating this to my father Raymond...who has passed, a poetic lyrical soul that I learned from. This poem really took me by surprise - like so many things lately! :) Thanks to everyone for everything -encouraging thoughts & inspiration and the beautiful wisdom imparted in poetic form.  :) I'm grateful for the chance to share.
Ma Cherie
Written by
Ma Cherie  F/Somewhere in Vermont....
(F/Somewhere in Vermont....)   
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