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May 2016
Cold, sweeping wind, homeless man, unshaven, tattered,
     red plaid coat, young daughter in hand,
        daughter's question; "Daddy why don't people care?"
             "They would sweetheart, if they knew we were here,
                  I guess it's you and me, kid?"
"I love you, Daddy" she replies, "you mean so much to me."
     The two disappear down the noisy street whipped by the
           coldest winds, two hands joined in union till the bitter end.
Handsome politician, young and strong,
     totally convinced
         within my great city, there's nothing wrong,
              stands with open hands to collect the many dollars to meet
                  the endless demands of the political elite....
Elderly woman, wrinkled and gray,
     stares through her sun faded window with so little to say
         "I once had a large family" she recalls,
               "where did they go?
                     Oh! God" she tearfully cries
                         "Where! did they go?"
Old collapsing church
      rotting wood door,
         large sign in front warns
            "Do not enter no more,
                  this building is condemned and so are the souls
                       who decided to forget the love it holds."
A first snowflake falls,
      melts to a tear drop near a crumbling brick wall,
           where a red rose does lie,
                where a young child did die,
                     with a simple note asking,
                           Why? Dear God Why?
                               Must we continue to cry?
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
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