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May 2016
Unfocused eyes blink at humming fluorescent.
Swirling images sidle through
a limbic system with fickle fingers.
An open mouth screams at injustice
before images solidify and clear.

Eager appendages grasp at independent thought.
Tender skin splintered by a toy abacus,
heal to the gentle lull of the ABCs.
The palp of a millennial latches on to
dimmer switches--and--reusable milk bottles.

Swaddling is an afterthought against waving fists.
Fists of fury tangle with Chatter Phone cords
and shake at scheduled feedings.
A gummy smile gleams
against the glare of a Polaroid keepsake.

Affectionate kisses wage a war with
applesauce coated pacifiers.
Milk splatters on the wall.
Round cheeks flush in protest
as Armed with Ajax white-washes modern-expression.

I cry for the homeless and broken nails.
Struggling to be optimistic,
I fight to smile through tears and terrorism.
I crave the solace of my deeply seeded faith,
while my friends are brilliantly successful.
I don't mind being one of the 21%
because.... well I'm flexible.
*referring to my generation... the millennials or Generation Y*
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