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May 2016
To live is to suffer
The burden of being;
To survive is to find
Meaning in suffering,
Through the right-wing,
Their friends in marketing,
No answers as to why CEOs'
Salaries have never froze.

Business bosses
Tell us what the news is.
It's the truth when
It raises profits.

Sweat shops in China
Installing suicide nets.
Where shall we spray
Our insecticide next?
They read your texts,
Prop up Goldman Sachs,
Using your money
As your children go hungry.

Show your love for Israel
Palestinian genocide is real.
Listen to the lobbyists:
The banks are too big to fail.

Dead Peasant policies;
Syphilis experiments in Tuskegee;
The people of Puerto Rico
Got cancer from Cornelius Rhoads;
IBM's profit motive
Never stopped at Auschwitz;
Privatised rain in Bolivia;
Mind games and MK Ultra;
The U.S backed Pinochet
And the death squads of Chile.

Looking directly at the sun
Hurts, but it must be done.
This is a protest piece about a lot of western beliefs about the private ownership of everything, the beliefs of out-and-out capitalism, the love of money and the want of every ******* penny one can get their hands on, the support of dictatorships and abuse of human rights to benefit one's interests. I'm ******* sick of the way I'm not represented by elected officials, the way billions languish in absolute destitution whilst a handful of people get everything, and an overwhelming amount of people acquiesce because 1) they don't want to know about it 2) they're not interested 3) they can't be bothered reading about this kind of thing. When they're done with them, the fellow sentient beings of this planet, your brothers and sisters, your mom, the people that make your clothes and phones, the people that could save your life one day, they'll come for you. I'm not another crackpot from the Internet; the above is bona fide fact. If you have any questions at all about the subjects mentioned, ask me, and I'm happy to answer them. The world needs a change. People need a better living. The world needs a better, more informed people. Up the proletariat, up the left, and long live Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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