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May 2016
Hello, can you hear me now
It is not like I am in front of your face speaking to you
I'm not just rambling on about my life
I am telling you all my feelings yet you don't listen
You swat my words away as if the words were a fly
I told you everything that I was going through
All my stories that I feel deeply for I told you
You took that for granted and wasted it away
Told me that it was like a friendship
Well if a relationship is to last
It needs to be with a dear friend
I look at you like and I see the best thing in the world
Now I look at and I see heartbreak and pain
I see myself wishing I could have you again
But that is not going to happen
Camron Elliott
Written by
Camron Elliott  Texas
     ---, Love Inspires, --- and ---
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