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May 2016
your hair was gold, shades of sand and spring
you loved the way the sun bounced right off it & made it shine
but the only sun i have ever known is the kind of sun that needed to burn so bright my organs set themselves on fire and it burns, it burns but my mind does not know how to stop, it is a pleasure to feel something

your eyes were blue, the shade of blue of a bright blue sky and an ocean
you never realized how dark they turned when you were deep in thought
but the more i looked, the more they turned into a storm, and my body screamed drown me, please drown me i promise i will forget how to swim

your name was Bran, spelt with a capital B, capitalized, bold, underlined for Break my heart
please break my heart, i need to know it is still in me,
please shatter me over and over again i need to know what it is like to not feel numb, please break me, please just break me,
Altered details, mostly imaginative.
Written by
ln  21/F
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