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Oct 2016
Scrollin past ol’ conversations
and wonderin what it is I saw in him

the hate, the anger, the stupidity
the flaws, the unwillin’ness to change

somethin resuscitates deep within me an I struggle
to push it down so the regret don’t drown me
I made my choice--I love ‘im
there ain’t no backin down now

the look in his eyes, the curve of his lips
the broad chest yet untouched beneath his shirt
lookin at ‘im, I’d jest dive into it--no questions asked
turnin ‘round, I feel what he’s stitched of an I flinch

but I em unable to walk away from the choice I made
It's funny, I thought this was such a meaningful statement a year ago but now I realize just how stupid I was to have feelings like these. I really feel a disconnect to this poem. I guess that's why I'm posting it now.
The Emerald Outcast
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The Emerald Outcast
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