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May 2016
There's corruption here and all around the globe
At the hands of demons and a secret robe
A robe that covers the truth of ourselves
It's kept hidden on the Vatican's shelves
They don't want us to know who and what we are
If we did, they wouldn't have gotten so far
Sacred geometry
Free energy
How to manifest our reality
They control us with television and fear
Sending us subliminals hoping to smear
Our subconscious
Our love conscious
Replacing it with hate
They make us insecure while our egos inflate
Ego is hell if it's left unchecked
No one ever does it, that's why our planet is wrecked
Know thyself and you will see
What this planet can truly be
Beautiful and shared by you and me
The birds and the bees
The earth and the trees
It's here for us, to nurture and love
We need to be aware, not defile and shove
Chemicals in the dirt
Chemicals in our food
Can you hear the pain of the cow in the tune she mooed
She misses her baby that was heartlessly taken
She produces milk for humans but we are mistaken
It's not for us, not everything is
We can't smother and steal and make that our biz
We all deserve happiness and freedom to live
We shouldn't always take, we should always give
Our time and our energy to something big
Something that can benefit us all
Something that can make us stand tall
Something that's from our hearts
Not from our ego's survival smarts
We are smart in many other ways
That's why we need to nurture it before the end of days
Written by
Hayley  26/F/Arizona
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