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May 2016
Bob Dylan is a lot like The Doctor, along with the cult following, that unmistakable coolness, every now and then, a new Dylan is regenerated and replaces the old one, not matter if we like it or not. Now these days, Dylan resembles a William Heatnellesque Doctor. A more refined wise man dressed in black that has seen better days, also along with the truth that mostly only die-hard fans would spend their time on this incarnation. There were also the '80's Doctors who, like Dylan, dressed in suits that seemed too tight in the wrong places, and everything was just abit too scatterbrained, but the '80's were what they were. The Dylan of the mid-'60's seemed very akin to the shakiness of Matt Smith, with a cigarette in hand replacing a sonic screwdriver. Dressed in slim, teddy boy suits and Italian boots, he did seem rather abnormal among many at the time. This was Dylan taking in Beats like Ginsberg, rock n' roll and a Keith Richards' diet of drugs. This epoch of Dylan was more or less killed after a motorcycle crash on the 29th of July 1966. The new Dylan that followed caused mass surprise and equal outrage. A Nashville Dylan. Just like the electric Beatnik Dylan killed the good old folk troubadour Bobby, this completely different Johnny Cash-like Dylan killed off the drugged out, two lighters a day, nighthawk Bob. But in the shadows between the lives of the two, Dylan was hidden away in The Basement with The Band, creating a vast amount of work, this almost is like the John Hurt Doctor, the one that stepped away from the limelight and just did what he had to do. And that is what Dylan did, does and will do.
Jamie F Nugent
Written by
Jamie F Nugent  M/Ireland
   David Murphy and ---
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