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May 2016
His eyes were now open

Same familiar ache in his stomach,

Slight headache, he still had warm skin

She would sleep closer to him because of that

Very aware of where he was, what he was doing

He rose out of bed with purpose, took a breath

In front of him was a skyline view of the city

Clouds sat over the tall buildings, the sky was grey

There was a faint  noise coming

From the streets below him -

He was up before the sun and there was no

Light to shine against his dark wooden floors

Taking another deep breath

He gently let his head descend

Remembering when he was passing a church school

On a similar gloomy day when he was a young boy

The man slowly walked away from his bed

And into the living space of his home

Marvelous kitchen, with perfect home décor

Scattered across the entire place with elegance

He loved the smell of coffee in the early morning

Standing there with great physique

He looked towards his two friends -

Who had fallen asleep on the sofa comfortably

Family to him in his eyes, a beautiful bond between them all

One looked up at him, still tired from the long night

He told her, “back to bed, the coffee will be ready soon”

She curled back into his brother that laid with her,

(moving away as he likes to sleep with space..)

He turns his body and mind out to

The phenomenal panoramic view of Los Angeles

Knowing the sun would swim up from the grave

He took in everything he was grateful for,

And exhaled an epiphany of aspiration
Sebastian Macias
Written by
Sebastian Macias  Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
(Eagle Rock, Los Angeles)   
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