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May 2016
Running. running, running so fast
Away from my fears, away from my past
That's causing me many tears
In which I cannot see clear
My vision now blurred
My hearing now impaired
By the lies that I've heard
Not really knowing why
Why me?
Why now?
Why then?
And how...
How could this happen to me?
How could anyone let this happen to me?
How come it happened to me?
Questions, questions but no one had the answers
But then I met You
You knew just what to do
You helped me see
The future that was before me
You helped me hear
Through all the voices that were there
Having You here, right by my side
Has been more than I could ever describe
This journey of discovery
Is now causing me to....
Run, Run, Run so fast
Into the arms of the One who knows no past.

Written by: Luwarner T. Moore
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Luwarner T Moore
Written by
Luwarner T Moore  Tampa, FL
(Tampa, FL)   
   Cecil Miller, Stephan and Slur pee
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