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Feb 2010
Our life is a winding road,
A constant up hill battle.

Each day presents a new challenge.
Everyday has its own struggles.

We do not have the privilege of going through hard times.
Rather, we live through hard times.

But there are those who share the burden.
There are those who take the load.

They are the men and women of MDA Camp,
Who sacrifice a week of every year,

To set a standard of compassion,
By which all should follow.

Their selfishness is nonexistent.
Their selflessness is overwhelming.

It has long since been said that,
“Our camp is your kind of place.”

So, to the men and women of MDA Camp,
We thank you!

If not directly by words,
Then through the great time we have each year.

Keep the fire burning,
And may the spirit of MDA Camp forever live.
June 15, 2005 - Written in honor of Muscular Dystrophy Association summer camp, which I attended many years.
Written by
Blake Watson
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