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May 2016
Don't you hate it when you constantly tear yourself down, more and more each day; but there's nothing you do or say, nothing but radio silence.. as our minds are at peak, trying to create a better image for our eyes to see; and for our hearts and souls to love..needing Some way to put our minds at ease; something that makes us feel like we're in our own little escape.. something that isn't a misconception of our minds, that isn't a worded mishap of failure.. something or someone that helps build us up, not tear us down.. sometimes it's the vibration of music that we play so loudly to drown out our thoughts... or it may be watching t.v or hanging out with friends to distract ourselves from feeling.. tricking us into thinking we're okay.. when we're clearly not.. sometimes we sleep to avoid pain and that sickening pit in your stomach when we wake up.. sometimes we just stare blankly .. as if we weren't there .. and we just sit and we think.. we feel numb.. so numb..and in that moment you feel "fine" and at that moment.. your mind tricks you and you feel "okay" once more.. and it's a repetitive cycle.. day in and day out.. you think.. you worry.. you cry.. and you're in pain, emotionally torn.. just to find out later that you want to feel " okay " so badly that you ignore everything and everyone around you.. open your eyes and realize what is and what isn't real..who is there for you and who is not.. who is willing to do anything in their power to make sure you're okay at the end of the day..Notice the little things.
Written by
VictoriaStarrrMarie  North Carolina
(North Carolina)   
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