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May 2016
He was a blanket, covering all of me. Fabricated by the most delicate hands, he kept me warm on cold nights. And one of my favorite parts of him is that one string attached to the right side of his neck; it was as if his life depends on it. Because that very string diverged into tiny threads which spread out to his hands and feet, and converged with four other strings that lead to his heart. They are rich in color, and I wonder how just those strands of life sustain him. But sometimes his strings would loop, link, twist and turn, and I would get so tired of being pulled along; every fiber in me started to turn into a knot of uncertainty.
He tugged on my heart strings that night though, as soon as I was about to cut the twine we had made with our fingers braided together. That's when I realized I can never really untangle myself from him and from the cross stitch of our crossed fates. Because for us to live, we need all strings attached.
thank you for inspiring me, geene! here's one for you. i love you.

and to wjh, you are the one of the main strings of my and our life/lives. you literally tie everyone together, keeping a solid tight bond. thank you for holding and caring for the svt members in your little precious own ways, and also for caring for us carats. sometimes i would get worried over you, but i remember that you worry over us more. you really are a strong rope which we can all hold on to. i love you so, so much. we love you with all our heart strings.
Written by
Lunar  24/seaside soul
(24/seaside soul)   
     Lunar and ---
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