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May 2016
Dear Mother
You have always been there in my time of need
The facts of life, that I have learned
A beautiful mother will always have her boys to feed
No matter the age, I know your respect must be earned

I may be tall and stout
But i would never run my mouth
Because no matter how big I sprout
I will always remember you grow up in the south

This year I didn't get you flowers
But instead I sat down and wrote this
It might have taken a few hours
So please read this in complete bliss

In fifteen days I will  be a man
In fifteen days I will enter the real world
In fifteen days life might turn bland
But in fifteen days I will get to see you twirl

For even though I am leaving high school
I will always remain close to home
Because with a mother like you it would take a fool
To take off and roam

Because no matter how many  miles  traveled
There will be a spot in your heart for me
That will not be tainted or unraveled
But rather be open and free

<3 I love you mom <3
Written by
Triston Wareing  Ohio
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