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May 2016
I think the next time
An outside source makes me bleed,
It'll be the one to **** me.

A bullet to the brain
Will **** me instantly,
A bullet to the stomach
Will give me only a chance.

A bullet to the leg
And I may never walk again.
A bullet to the arm
And I may never truly live again.

And one more thing,
I may never live to see twenty three
So that everybody else
Can see one hundred and three.
"In the middle of the night,
In the heat of the night,
Theres a US marine
And hes looking for a fight.

Well, he flies in an airplane
And he jumps through the sky.
Theres a US marine
And he kills before he dies.

In the cold of Korea,
Under six feet of snow,
Theres a US marine
And he's putting on a show.

Machine guns a' blazin,'
Grenade a' going boom.
Theres a US marine,
Step back and give him room.

And dont you cry for me, baby,
Dont you shed me any tears.
I'm a US marine
And I live without no fear."

My favorite cadence.
Gavin Barnard
Written by
Gavin Barnard  22/M/Michigan
   gray rain
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