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May 2016
Maybe if I did what I was good at
Then maybe somebody would care about me.

I'm good at listening
But nobody speaks about feelings.
I'm good at public speaking
But they only care about social media.
I'm good at writting
But nobody knows how to read.
I'm good at gaming
But I'm not so fun while playing.

How would I get anybody,
From a school of apathetic teens,
Who have said more words than heard,
To listen to my problems?
It doesnt have to last all day,
I only need ten minutes.
They don't have to say anything back.

All I want is a friend
To get rid of the pain
Of being lonely.
I want to fit in
To a large group of people
Who do nothing but
The teenage corruption
Of the right thing.

I don't want somebody
Talking to me all day,
'Cause that would drive
Both of us crazy.
I have no friends. Lonliness can cause serious detrimental effects on the brain and indirectly on the body.
Gavin Barnard
Written by
Gavin Barnard  23/M/Michigan
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