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May 2016
Gray such a sad color
The type of sadness I feel
Not terrible and dark
Just Gray
Gray like a thunder storm
My mind filled with nothing but rain clouds
It's such an empty feeling
Almost like nothing really matters
The words they speak to me never get through the clouds
They’re too big, too heavy to fade away
Sometimes I wonder
I wonder if this is what dying on the inside is
But I fear the answer too much to ask
To ask for help
Help from people who don’t see gray
Gray the color that haunts me
The was a ghost haunts a house
Thunder and lightning accompany the clouds now
Now I face an even bigger monster
A monster with no face that leers over me
I find my body is weighed down
Weighed down by the clouds that are spreading
My feet drag as if rooted permanently to the ground
And I have stopped believing
Believing in getting better
Because only I can see the gray in this world
Gray the color that keeps getting darker
My skin has begun to mimic the shade
It's the only shade I see
There is no color in my world
Only the dull, lifeless gray
My mind screams for help
Help, I think, is no longer possible
The thunder and lightning consumes my mind
Sometimes I wonder
Wonder what it would be like to live in a world without gray.
Cassidy Wilson
Written by
Cassidy Wilson  Oklahoma
   stone the bear
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