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May 2016
It must've been summer when we met,
Because our new love sailed on the light breeze
As it absorbed the rays of the sun
Until it became ripe enough to pluck.
And I loved spending the slow transformation
Of daylight to dusk to night with you,
Waiting for the sunset, but whenever it came,
I was never watching it because I couldn't take my eyes off you.
But I'd see it in the way your skin changed
From golden all the way to a silhouette.
Then autumn came along, barely noticeable at first,
Just a stronger wind than either of us were used to.
It wasn't too long before we noticed leaves falling
And abandoning us, riding far away on the wind.
Eventually, all the leaves had left us,
Our surroundings so bleak and dull,
And I could never see the world dancing across your skin
Like I could when the sun would bless our love with its presence.
The wind shook us hard and we began to lose our grip,
So you decided to leave and search for better climates.
Left alone, my loneliness provoked winter to raise from its depths,
And the snow started to fall relentlessly.
Before long, the snow had become a mound of ice
Separating me from anyone who might try to break through.
I heard your voice pierce through the howling wind,
The desire to bring the sun back to us.
I sometimes still hear it, your voice, asking me to do the same thing,
But now there's a blizzard raging on between us.
And it's making the wall bigger.
Not literally three seasons, that'd be a very short relationship to write whiny poetry about. Say no to short relationships, kids!
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
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