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May 2016
And on and on and on it goes -

Then the bubble bursts,
Exposing a battle of rainbows
At the purple center of a tomorrow's Pomegranate.

Seeds swollen with blood, those seeds
From the old checkered notebooks.
Not ink, not syrup, not foam - not here.
Was it even here?  

Round and round and round it rolls -

Lolly pop in a plastic entrapment.
Wink, tinted wrapper, fake as a free meal,
Real as a birthday cake - painful layers,
Velvety gut peel.

Red, red, red, white - cut diagonally.
Too greasy the icing, burns to know the taste.
Licking the way out of the mind - sticky,
But round, so round, that you could play
Piano holding it.

And play, and play, and play -

White-black - stain-dark - sun-streaked,
Till someone slaps the wrists and slams the fall board.


The concert's over!
Encore! Encore!
Raise higher the royal orb!
Bruise more fruit and devour the core!
Bubbles, baby, make more bubbles!

And they will float and float and float...
Vero Jouline
Written by
Vero Jouline  Tennessee
       Lora Lee, mark cleavenger, GaryL, ---, --- and 19 others
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