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May 2016
I know a girl who's hurting,
But you don't see her cry or pout.
In fact, you'd never know it was her
Unless I pointed her out.

She tries so hard to keep on smiling,
To hide her noose and gun.
But inside, I know she's dialing
Her depression's 911.

All that you can see her as
Is happy, skinny, tall.
But long before you knew her,
Her hopes had begun to fall.

There's still some left of what she was.
Independent, Loving, and Strong.
But there's only so much you can do to cope,
When you've been so sad for so long.

You'd never know she cuts herself
For every sorrow she keeps.
You'd never know that every night,
She cries herself to sleep.

You still think she's so happy?
You haven't reached your goal.
Instead of listening to the stories she tells,
Try listening to her soul.
This one goes out to my best friend who's battling depression.

I believe in you. You're strong. I know how hard this life is, and I know how much it hurts when it breaks you. I will always be there for you to wipe the tears from your eyes, the blood from your wounds. Keep holding on, friend. One day we'll both get through this. Until then, just Stay Alive.
Written by
MJ  America
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