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May 2016
The sun sets and the moon rises,
the moon sets and the sun rises.

The wind will catch my hair and drift me away from this world
and the clouds will sway to the drum of my heart.

When the tides of the sea have calmed down,
the sand will grip to each and every centimeter of me.

The Earth tilts and the seasons change,
the Earth tilts again and the seasons change again.

And my mind will wander into the deep abyss while the rest of the Earth's memories of each day will become a distant chimera.

The trees grow and their roots go deeper,
the roots are ripped out and the tree dies.

The tailwinds cry and the silence is broken,
and warm winds carry me into the vacuum of space;

a sea of stars and I'm drowning;
whatever happens, happens.
Que sera, sera meaning whatever will be, will be.
Written by
acacia  F/orbis
     ultimatepanicqueen, acacia, Freydis and SPT
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