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May 2016
Avoid trouble.
Be willing to face the consequences for your mistakes.
Oh, punishment will come.
Bet on it.
Believe it.

We selected you for your talent and sports skills.
And more than anything wants you to achieve your diploma.
Yes, educating you is our main goal.

As young adults, realize you not in high schools.
And the rules and regulation is of a higher standards.

You must police yourself when faced with temptation.
Yes, common sense works when confronted with things you should avoid.

Parties, oh you will attend with select friends.
Than the smarts ones won't.
It's just not their purpose to act out cause they away from their parents.

****** matters, will be your stumbling block.
And more likely lead you down paths you regret.
Oh, by now you should have witnessed this evidence.

But parents should be your security check guards.
Call and confirm that you still policing them.
Forget what their friends think of your parental check?
These are your children's.

Coaches, can only guide so much.
Some kids get in colleges and begins to lose touch of their senses.
Get influence by fools and used by idiots.

So blame not the schools when your children's venture out and find trouble.
All universities hand out guidelines what expected of them?
jeffrey conyers
Written by
jeffrey conyers  united states
(united states)   
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