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May 2016
My life’s an endless dream I can’t control
And when I try, it pushes me back down.
I don’t want attention 24/7
I’m not the hyper class-clown.

I am the observer, the watcher, the viewer
I don’t want a solo.

You look at my room and see a mess,
I see a stage reserved for me.
Where I can sing, play, and exploit my imagination.
I just like to do it alone.

I’m not weird in the way you think.
I don’t need friends or help.
I live my life the way I want.
Not how people say.

The world thinks Introverts have problems.
Believe me, we do.
It’s just not mental or physical.


You!! You extroverts going out there and having fun!
Keep doing that, just leave us out if we say no.

TV’s and entertainment say being alone 24/7 is bad.
It’s not when you do it right.

If I’m alone for one, two, or three days;
It means I want to be alone!
There is nothing wrong with being alone,
It is how books are made, imaginations explored!

People call us weird, bookworms, dreamers, strange.
We are all that and more.
Some of us want knowledge!
Some want to be themselves!

Children’s TV shows used to say ‘Be Yourself! No matter what!’
Now Disney’s character Anna says-
“No One Wants to Be Alone.”

We Do.

Introverts have friends; we are normal.
We’re just a little quirky.
Don’t try to change us; don’t try to fix us.

After all…

Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken.
A poem about Introverts, Warning-Long Poem!
Rachel Smith
Written by
Rachel Smith
     Terry Jordan
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