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May 2016
This isn't love per say,
it's a.. I live without you but every time we are reintroduced I can't:

It's a, we will dance all night, during of which I whisper no one knows this energy better than me:

It's a, friends without benefits for the benefit of our friendship:

It's a, you know me to the point where I rather you named me instead of parents:

It's a, if we are together too long people will get the right idea:

It's a, I'm writing this while angry at you, but can't seem to speak negatively about you:

It's a, I keep my mouth shut about your ex because I wish me and you had those problems instead:

It's a, it's complicated:

It's a, I blew my chance back in high school:

It's a, I reach out to show you maybe I do love you with hands behind my back--
unable to show my affection:

It's a, you say you're over me, we probably will never happen:

It's a, I subconsciously say I love you with every gaze.

I tell you how I feel with the knowledge you won't take me seriously so I don't take what im saying serious:

..kind of situation
© 2016 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Shaine Fraz
Written by
Shaine Fraz  New York
(New York)   
     Tina Marie, Shaine Fraz and SPT
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