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Apr 2016
It's gotten to where I despise
That look I see in your eyes
It's not like it's any real big surprise
Been getting harder to even try to disguise
Did you expect me to really tell you lies
After all those failed and empty tries
Funny how new love can always tantalize
Just seems to take off and rise and rise
Flying like it owns the skies
Seems like nothing it wants the world denies
Then the universe seems to bring the world down to size
And it seems like the old rules no longer applies
When it seems like then not even money buys
Any kind of happiness or emotional ties
And as the minutes tick by they seem to hypnotize
As friends and family stand around watching as it falls and dies
Becoming pieces left only to memorize
Someday to pull out and look at when the mood applies
When the ghosts of better daysΒ Β gone materialize
But it'll have no answers no matter how hard it tries
Then suddenly you find that you're old and gray
Looking in the same old mirror day after day
And then you say
I'm getting to the point where I just despise
That look I see in your eyes
But you're all alone... So you have no alibis
Keith W Fletcher
Written by
Keith W Fletcher  63/M/Oklahoma
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