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Apr 2016
I am Here
Finally Free
From Bleeding
From Depression
Only This Day
And This Moment
I Finally Get To See Life
For The First Time
~Paris Styron~

I Walk This Forest
Hearing The
Speaking To Me
It Is My
For Now
Path In Life
Should I
Go So Many
Where Do They
Lead To Happiness,
Then Depression,
I Am Lost
In This Forest
Stuck Here
Mixed With Blood
With Tears
That Are Here
With Me
A Howl Nearby
I Hear
For Help
In The Mist
He Is In....
Just As I Am
I Am Not Alone
~Paris Styron~

Your FootPrints
I Go,
You Will Not
Leave My Sight
You Will
Not Be Slayed
I Am A Shield
With Two PawPrints
Belong To Me
4 Belong To You
I Am A Loner
In Solitude
That Cannot Be Broken
I Am Sorry
I Will Not Stand With You
I Will Be
In My Arms Alone/Solitude
At Peace
~Paris Styron~

What To Think
For Who I Am
From Which Footprints
To Be In
Am I Trying
Where Am I
Always Standing Here
What To Do
Where To Do
All I Need Is To
Keep Writing
Because Problems
Turn Into
A Work Of Art
Just As Depression
~Paris Styron~

My Whole Life
Of Something To
"Help Me"
It Makes Me Forget
My Whole Life As
A Child
Now I Am Left Behind
I Believe
To Be On My Own
Now To Work
On Being Alone
Not Having People
To Help
I Grow Tire
Of Them
Giving Me Things
I Want
To Earn It
No Longer
Just Take
~Paris Styron~

I Believe
People With
Easy Lifes
Have No Lifes
Most Don't
Have Hard Work
Just As I Do Not
~Paris Styron~
Paris Styron Luke
Written by
Paris Styron Luke  Georgia
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