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Apr 2016
You see her? See her wandering the streets?
Her story is the collagen
In the scars on her wrists and thighs.
Did they notice the scars,
Or did they hasten over them in an attempt to wet
The girl they care not for, without sacrificing their arousal?
Perhaps their ***** was spilled too readily,
Thereby covering up the marks whose broken blood vessels also
Vessel her story from body (origin), to mind (publication).
The story of a girl who gives and gives,
In order to convince herself that no one can take
That which does not belong to them.
Whether she is giving or they are taking, it doesn't matter.
The importance rests upon her body;
Feasted upon, ****** dry and worn-out,
While her innards are worn by the desperate.
They sew together, with those innards, a costume of reputation.
Outfit completed by a mask of superiority.
Blind are those who do not see the damage they cause,
Carelessly, to her body in a feeble attempt to elevate their ego with control.
I'll just say this:
To those whose methods to ******* their self-esteem
Involve monetary transactions with the used and abused;
You will drain her.
Drain her even more than she has been, but you gain nothing.
You simply lose your soul,
So, let the buyer...beware.
Disclaimer: Everyone's story is different.
Written by
Corvus  27/Trans Male/Liverpool
(27/Trans Male/Liverpool)   
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