Apr 2016

Play me a song Mr. Piano Man,
Don't Stop Believing in what you can,
Sweet Caroline please take my hand,
This is Your Song I'm your biggest fan

Lonely Mikey works the door,
He tells jokes that would make your sides sore,
His wife's real sick, she doesn't have much more,
He takes lovers to even the score.

Sexy Joe, he runs the place,
Charms the ladies with his face,
Always at a frantic pace,
Which one will he choose to taste?

Then there's Kate who serves the drink,
Drowns her sorrows so she doesn't have to think.
No one knows she's on the brink,
She's in the quicksand and starting to sink.

The Bittersweet Symphony that is life,
The Rocketman's dream to sail to the light,
The Tiny Dancer's got it right,
The Bohemian Rhapsody of the night.

Leah Barton
Written by
Leah Barton  Orlando
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