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Apr 2016
I close my eyes
And wished upon the rumors of a dandelion
Counting through my endless supply of box's full of overused stardust, the wishes that solidified when spoken

I finally found the childhood dream I thought was to stupid to speak

The dream that made me hold my breath so no one could solidify it before it could spread its wings
Then label me for spilling out my own human opinion

My lips stay closed
Locked and sealed away in a thin line
Scared that the world would be curious
And peel my lips off, bash my teeth in
Just to make me speak
That's what the world does when you decide to be silent
... But the world needs to know
I cannot hide this anymore

Maybe the world could lend an ear
And not criticize the shooting stars in my eyes

Maybe the world will look at my starry eyes and wish it plausible

I open my mouth
And present the world with my wish

"I wish...
for peace"

I **** in my desperate breath
And blow away the seeds of life
Watching it drift along slowly
My words testing the air

I look out into the horizon
The morning dew falling out of their earthly homes
Natures suicide bombers
Plummeting to the ground

Man running toward man
Arms flailing
Guns waving
Screams cascading
Lives erasing

War played in front of me
Laughing at my solidified wish
That is resting in my ****** palms
Peace can't save my chipped and  cracked teeth
My peeled and beaten lips

I should have kept my mouth shut
Livi M Pearson
Written by
Livi M Pearson
   Yanamari and ---
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