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Apr 2016
Think about those around you
Think about what God was thinking about when he made this world

Did he intend on creating a utopia,
or did he know that his creation would spend their entire lives dealing with all of this

I wonder if he took a second glance when that woman lost her husband of 54 years to the same cancer that took her daughter away,

That man who overdosed yesterday had a grandma that made him cookies and milk when he was a young child,
That same grandma also took him to church last Sunday morning,
And when the pastor ended that service, the man walked up to the pastor with tears in his eyes and asked if there would still be room in his heart for Jesus, even if he didn't have his life completely together yet

When we were young, we dealt with everything in such a nonchalant way
We looked at our mothers and fathers without judgement,
We didn't even question what made our fathers yell at our mothers,
We just went with it

When we grew up, everything became reality
We began to see our problems as what they actually are
We no longer see them as mild inconveniences, because they're more than that now,
The problems make themselves known
We have no choice but to feel it, even when we don't want to

It isn't now that we give up, it isn't ever
**** this, we are better than this
We will live on, and on, and on, and never let up
We will give it hell and we will show them just what we are made of

It isn't the mild inconveniences that define us,
We are more than that

It is the 5:30am cold nights drenched in hard liquor and broken hearts,
It is the song that comes blaring on the radio while driving 75 in a 55,
It is the second pack of cigarettes that are blown out of your window as you drip paint onto the new canvases you just spent your entire paycheck on,

It is real life,
It is the air you breath,
And it is the way you walk

This is not me, this is not my life, these are not me, these are not my life
Richie Vincent
Written by
Richie Vincent  21/M/Dayton, OH
(21/M/Dayton, OH)   
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