Jan 2012

Here it is in all it’s glory

Arriving here has been nothing
short of gory

I’ve survived the worst
but that is not
what I fear
what worries me the most
is the end is almost near
I wonder what my demise
will be this time
I can compare it
to all the others
that bought me to
Number 9…

The first one was just
a simple mistake
I died for my compassion
I did not listen
to dear old Dad
and attended the ill
which I lived (and died for)
with a passion

Secondly I was burned
at the stake for
revealing a feeling
I had been here before
My one sweet love
who was aghast at my
branded me
something more
And I still shudder to
think I had been

Next my time was ended by
a small gunshot wound
to the chest
by 2 lovers
that dueled for me
I just hope that the winner
was the one
that I loved
the best

I was run down in a murky street
by a horse and cart
as I tried to escape

I was tossed out
of hearth and home
because my family died
in my absence
while I was off fighting
and was denied
for my

I was just trying to sell Roses
which I picked
with my own hands
until they bled
I was alone
on a cold winters night
a target
but at least I was warm
though the man
that I followed
didn’t take me
where he said we would go
but I still followed
where he led


Well lets just say
that after Six
I hardly even learnt
from my mistakes…

So here I am
at number Nine
When my time comes
please, leave alone the priest!
Why abuse him with the
seriousness of a faith
that I seriously lack
Just hold my hand
And wish me luck
I won’t be back

I hope ;-)

Written by
Helen  nowhere special
(nowhere special)   
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