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Apr 2016
Will you let it go
C'mon trust me
Trust you?
Yes I won't let you down
I'd rather jump out of an airplane without a parachute  and hope for the best, than trust you
Think we’re getting a bit melodramatic again
Do you see a sign on my head that says, kick here
I just see the woman I love
Did you see me when you were in bed with my sister
Think I explained  that scenario
Yes, and I’ve heard it called many things before, but never a scenario
You know your sister's trying to get pregnant
I’m quite aware of that, that’s why she has a husband
I know that silly, but he’s a foreigner
What's that got to do with it
It doesn’t operate in this country
What, what do you mean
Isn't it obvious, he comes from the other side of the world
So ****** what
Jesus woman, do I need to spell it out for you
Yes, spell it out, cause you’ve sure got me confused
It’s upside down
What, I didn’t know that happened
Neither did your sister, that’s what she was showing me
I was wondering why  she was so embarrassed
I know darling, now they have to go back round the world to get pregnant
My god, that’s terrible
I know, and the worse thing is, you’ll need to apologise for calling her a *****.

By Lily and Paul.
Written by
Gaffer  United Kingdom
(United Kingdom)   
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