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Apr 2016
It wasn't a peak on the your upper lip,
or a little smooch to tell that we were a couple,
it was sort of ...
Like we were supposed to do this,
have a moment to make this what we had to be real,
to show the world that love kind of exists in a way.

In short,
our first kiss was real.
It was hot and melty,
warm and intoxicating,
I was in love with how you bit my lip
and tugged at my lower lip,
like you knew that's how I liked it.
I was wildly impressed with this,
sense you don't seem to be the type of person
to be a little wild.

Hmmm... when I think of it now,
this doesn't feel like our first.
I feel like I'v kissed you before,
but I think not with my lips.

I think our first was when we first met,
when our eyes met for the first time.
you took me your arms one time,
and I felt warm inside
like I was supposed to be there
with you.
And you wrapped yourself into me and we just was still,
like everything was frozen in time.

Our moments told the future of
what would become of us,
of what we would be in our lives,
how we would mean so much soon,
and how much I would love you
and how much you love me.
Even now,
when we touch in the littlest of ways,
I feel so beautiful,
so wonderfully touched by your soul
and where we have gone into the world.
I love you
and our first and second kiss .
golden muse
Written by
golden muse  19/F/Alabama
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