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Apr 2016
Stygian it was when she
looked at her face.
Her mind was angelic
and so was her soul.
Her lips were droughty
and her eyes were
Scars on her hand
reminded her of her
flagitious battle against
the world.
Every day she hid
herself in the
shadows of the
people who demean and
demote her as their
soul was as black
as hell which
could conceal
all her flaws and imperfections.
She made darkness her home
as the world outside was cruel.
Nobody looked at her for her
celestial soul.
She had forgotten what it was like
to be euphoric.
All the fiendish products she
used to make herself look
beautiful were lying on
the floor.
With empty eyes
and wasted hopes
she walked
towards the mirror but
turned away as she was
Scared to look at herself.
She wore a mask
of makeup everyday
which still didn't satisfy
society's needs.
Perfect skin with no
Flaws was
Considered the new
She had a heart made of gold
but no one realised that
appearance is not what
makes someone beautuful
and beauty is always
on the inside and it
begins when you
start being yourself .
We should always be ourselves and never let anyone bring us down. We all have imperfections and that is what makes us beautiful. One should also have an angelic mind and a celestial soul. Beauty is always on the inside. Inner beauty is what matters the most because most of the times looks can be deceiving too. We should always treat everyone equally and make them realize how pretty and special they are cuz everybody is perfect just the way they are. Be-you-tiful and keep smiling :3
Neha shimoga
Written by
Neha shimoga  18/F/India
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