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Apr 2016
My lungs are lead weights in my chest, pressing against my rib cage and bearing down on my intestines.
I try to inhale but the metal that is my lungs will not ply.
My mouth is stuck in a wide O as i continue to wheeze.
I reach out to your hand for help but you just sneer and pull away.
My lead lungs pull the oxygen from my system, keeping the necessary gases from entering, and you laugh.
You laugh as my whole life is taken away, endless possibilities all ended by the one impossible thing i wanted!
You are what stole the air from my lungs, oh how exciting it was until i realized i could no longer take it back.
What you hold in your hands is not yours to have it is mine.
It is the air from my lung, every beat my heart skipped, every thought i have had since you showed up.
But now with this burning in my chest, my heart trying desperately to keep on pumping, i look into your eyes as you throw it all away , disappearing like dust in the wind.
Then you are gone.
Just as quickly as you came you leave.
The lead in my chest begins to drip through my bones, burning and clawing its way up my throat, and out my mouth and eyes.
My heart beats weakly in my chest as if it had gotten used to your vice like grip.
My eyes drip and my lungs burn and now all im left with
**is lead
Inspire by an asthma attack also it sounds way the **** cooler when i read it loud ****
Angel Level
Written by
Angel Level  17/F/Washington
   Dark soul
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