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Apr 2016
Where have all the horrid parents gone?
We need you back
Your back-hand slaps,
Your mad demands,
Your curfews,
Your groundings,
Your video game bans.

Was what made us rebel.
I’m begging you, daddy
To make me say grace at the dinner table
So I can have something to be ******* about.

Look at you now
With your understanding,
Your two sips of beer for my 10th birthday,
Your ‘not angry, just disappointed’
You’re pathetic!
You used to have it all.
You were there in the 50s
And you were the reason for the 60s.

You would bruise your knees to dust behind the shelves
But wince at the thought
Of giving spare change to the poor.

You forced your kid to learn the bassoon
And put him off classical for life.

You elected a Prime Minister who carpet bombed whole towns
Then smacked your child for listening to a CD
With the word, “****” in it.

You forbade your daughter from having boys in the house
Which was why she got such a thrill
From sneaking them into her bed

You said drugs would drive us insane
Which was exactly what we wanted.

Now we only take them
Because you’re square if you don’t.
Your kids are complacent.
With no rules to break,
We are doomed to *** without the thrill,
Music without the anger
Politics without the anything at all.

The liberal parents have won.
The cool mum that froze you inside,
The gentle word that put your flame to bed,
The masters of social control.
They are evil to the bone.
They have fooled everyone.
Nassif Younes
Written by
Nassif Younes  Scotland
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