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Apr 2016
I don't just mean smoking **** or doing any other drug. I mean, doing
things for yourself and making yourself happy. Allowing yourself to be spontaneous. Go outside and play in the rain, go on drives and play the music loud, and sing the songs even louder. Love with all your heart and don't allow fear to hold you back from the things you want in life. Shut out that voice in the back of your mind that says, “you aren't capable” or “you're not good enough.” Focus on what gets you high. For guys, is it winning the big game? and for girls, is it looking in the mirror and having the confidence to smile without a doubt in mind? My belief or concept begins with the way you look at life. It's built on perspective.

For me, getting high is doing things that I love to do. I get “high” off cosmetology. I get high when I flip the cape off of my client and turn them to face to face with my work, and they smile. I made them feel beautiful, and in-turn made myself feel proud of my work and confident in what I love to do.

For me, I get high off the examples I was provided as a child. Not the examples of what I was supposed to be like, but the ones I wasn't. I have used my birth moms poor life example as my inspiration of what not to be, and have made steps and strides my entire life to be the opposite of what she had shown me was acceptable, because of her I have become who I am today.

Everyone deserves to have those moments of allowiong yourself to be able to stick your hand out the window letting it flow up and down naturaly with the wind, and allowing yourself to forget the pain and disappointment of whatever you are dealing with at the moment in life. Forget what you wanted but couldnt have, and forget that the boy you like has no idea you even exist.

For me, I believe everyone should watch the sunset at least once in their life, and then watch is rise.
This is a rough draft of my "This I Believe" speech for senior English. Be nice.
Kinsey Jordyn
Written by
Kinsey Jordyn  Indiana
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