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Apr 2016
i watched you,
walk away,
from everything
you had.

her love,
her trust,
her warmth,
her loyalty.

i watched her face,
the different emotions,
from the words you are saying to her,

she did nothing,
to deserve this,
she truely loved you,
with everything.

you wanted you,
she needed you.

i watched,
walk away,
from her life,
because of a lie.

you deny it,
deny it to yourself,
she is the only one broken hearted,
she is the only one who cared.

that's why,
you had to walk away,
because lie.

you loved her,
more than anything,
more than words could explain,
more than you could ever tell her.

so you walked away,
away from her,
because you could never admit to yourself,
you loved her.

you left her,
broke her,
broke promises,
and shattered two hearts for the price of one.

her heart,
will heal,
she will love again slowly.

your heart,
will never heal,
will always want her and won't let go,
let go of her.
Written by
summer  16/F
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