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Apr 2016

Well not today, my lovely, darling, babe...

These stitches you lovingly laced in my lips,
I'm throwing them away.

Along with the fluttering butterflies, long dead anyways,
Saccharine smiles, wilted rose bouquets,

Looks like it's about to rain.

But I brought an umbrella, what about you?

What a shame, your suit is brand new!

And you just got your hair done today?

How could this happen to you?
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I wonder if these raindrops remember us,

How it was,
Before it wasn't,

Before dancing in the rain drowned in the flood,
And love wasn't lost in the waves.

Sharks haunt these waters now,
Flattery lining their fangs,

Looking for starry-eyed babes in the wood to play with and entertain.
Until you don't care anymore,
And I'm here to look pretty and brighten your day.

But I still have something to say, my love,
For I've finally grown my own fangs.
And I'm tired of being a pretty show dog,
Tired of being contained.

One day, you'll look around and see that you're missing someone, something,
And I'll be happy, dancing, beloved, far far away,

And you'll be in some pain,

And It'll be far too late,

But maybe then you'll realize what you let wash away.
I played a game called Braid and it inspired me to write this, I enjoyed it quite a bit! I hope you do too.
Delilah Day
Written by
Delilah Day  Louisiana
     CautiousRain and ---
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