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Apr 2016
given the exposure of eastern literature lack
and the narcissism of western
literature, the laissez faire approach
of western literature you'd think
europe was a unified continent,
it isn't - it's post-colonialism has imploded,
Vladimir Dracula even woke up
to practice the upper-tier of ****** on
a few Turks - the Poles are running akin to
him with the rebellious Cossacks,
the Russians still want a land-locked connection
with Königsberg - i mean, they left that bit of
land for a purpose, right?
i'm telling you, the west is informing everyone
from Chow Cho to Chow Mein in the political
realm - these greasy smiles with sweaty hands
will never part in matrimony of 'till death do us part',
it's all impromptu, and that's how it's going to stay,
satiable and satisfactory for the few...
the ones who know the world of beauty,
but rather see the skeletons -
i too can appreciate a sunset over Venice
for 70 years, but give me the physics' geographical
mathematics and i'll gladly cut short my stay
from 70 to approximated 40 years on
the existential roundabout - veni, vidi, oblitus -
or veni, vidi, asquam... or
                                   veni, vidi, circa,
or even                 veni, vidi, vacuo -
indeed the latter, with Solomon singing concerning
vanity - although not as prophetic due to
the stately income could i signature the word
with an ending as crafty as vici;
but nowhere in the west is there talk of
the middle-ground that isn't Russia -
well quo vadis and all that,
but other than that it's only a geographic
area of plumbers and electricians!
honest to god - super-charged this area is with
these two professions, no writers, no poets,
nothing, just plumbers and electricians -
you'd think the west could secure more footnotes
in terms of what inspired it to make
a political system experimented by the greeks
an economic export, after all, democracy
is more an economic system export than a political
model, system, more economics goes into
democracy (as an export) than goes into it
as sustainable politics - democracy as
a non-export is bureaucracy,
democracy as an export is an economic *****,
handy ****** of Mc-a-doodle-do -
bonkers king and other fast food outlets etc. -
never has the iron curtain been more apparent -
the west identifies no outside influences
because it plagiarises and states as its own
the influences it utilised - i can cite you influences
outside your comfort zone - but what would
be the point? in summary:
democracy exported is an economic model,
democracy imported is a bureaucratic model -
politics aside -
the more democracy you export
the more bureaucracy you import -
the less democracy you export -
the more menial tasks you import -
and indeed the latter isn't that bad -
i'd rather hammer in a 1000 nails
than check 1000 emails.
Mateuš Conrad
Written by
Mateuš Conrad  33/M/Essex (England)
(33/M/Essex (England))   
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