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Apr 2016
Clyde lifts her up
And senses her go
Rigid for a moment

Or two, then he feels
Her relax and hold
In close to him, her

Cheek against his
Head, her arms and
Hands caressing. I

Thought you were
Going to drop me
There Clyde, Bonnie

Says, easing into
A smile for the old
Camera, watching

The camera focus,
Flash and all said
And done, the photo

Capturing the exact
Moment in time: the
Cheek touching, the

Hands caressing, her
Eyes alive, the smile
Like sunshine. Never

Do that to you, Bonnie,
Never let you down or
Fall, Clyde says as he  

Squeezes her behind
The knees, her breast
Beneath the dress soft

Against his chest, his
Hand clutching his hat,
And someplace along

A country lane, some
Tomorrow day, their
Fate fingers out a date,

A time of death, a ******
End, dying together; but
Not today, and maybe,

For them, at this moment
In time, sometime never.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  73/M/England
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