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Apr 2016
Completely unable
to run and hide
from his creative ideas
thumping inside his searing brain

After all
he is transparent
to his "incurably depraved" mind

His shattered thoughts
like that of a broken mirror


in the corner
of his dusty writing room

His confidence,
frail as a new spring flower taking bud
Burdened with guilty thoughts
and the darkest of dreams

His brain scorched
with long forgotten sins

His whiskey bottle screaming for relief

A bitter rage
burns deep within him
Pounding at his brain

like a madman on steroids

He is paralyzed
by his own fear of rejection

Longing to be set free from
his self-imposed poetic chains

to clear his mind
from constant "sordid thoughts"

A clean slate,
his conscience intact
would be greatly appreciated

Voices whisper to him
in his most somber hours

The melodic whispers
twisting his illusion of reality

Unnatural words roll off his tongue

He screams
β€œThey’re scribbling on my paper”

Coming apart at the seams
While his meaningless
characters taunt him

Contorted, distorted and twisted

Swinging his pen wildly above his head

As he counts
his sixty-three hidden scars
one at a time

Specifically naming each one
From the tattered thesaurus
resting on the edge of his desk
Written by
ultimatepanicqueen  United States
(United States)   
         Sajini Israel, Lior Gavra, ---, ---, --- and 73 others
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