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Apr 2016
You be throwing yourself on the wrong guys,
Then you subject me to your pitiful cries.
It hurts me knowing, you're playing the fool...
You shedding tears 'cause you thought he was cool.

Why you be letting their fake smiles fool you?
Nothing coming out of their mouths is true
Why you throwing yourself on the wrong guys,
And ignoring Mr right whose under my disguise?

That's right I finally came clean...  I mean,
Girl, it's been like this forever, this feeling...
I've given up waiting for its leaving,
So I've got to say what my heart's singing.

All they offer is temporary happiness,
But I offer laughter, that will leave you in a lovely mess...
All they do is leave you, with your heart raking up scars,
And I'll give your heart some healing with these bars...

You've been throwing yourself on all the wrong guys,
And I've had to watch it all with my own eyes,
You've been wasting golden tears, on boys who have no cares...
And I've had to watch it all these years.

You've been playing the fool,
Labelling me as friend.
You've been playing the fool,
Telling others we'll never be.
This confession ends our friendship,
And could cue a courtship ...
I'm ready to take the risk
'Cause of those tears,
It's you I wanna whisk,
It's you that's the subject of my cares.
Because the friendzone's not for me
And you and I were meant to be.
Written by
Beinghonest  In my head - it's nice
(In my head - it's nice)   
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